Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first post.  I’m glad you’ve stopped by…

I’ve been working with a dynamic life-management system of my own design for several years and believe now is the time to share it with you!  I’ve called it My T.U.L.E. kit ::  The ABC’S of Tying Up Loose Ends.

As described on my Homepage, MyTULEkit.com is where I’ll be saving and sharing practical helps, insights, and encouragement for tying up those loose ends in our lives.  I’ll start out by sharing some of my journey in each post (as it relates to the topic) to answer the “Why?” and “How?” and then encourage you to do the same.

We start tomorrow–January 1, 2017–with a four-element framework that we’ll repeat for each monthly topic:  Appreciate, Balance, Create, and Simplify.  These verbs signify the action we will take as we Tie Up the Loose Ends that have accumulated in our lives of doing so much for so many.

We will start with asking the important question, “WHY?”, and then we’ll answer it by reflecting on who and what we Appreciate in our lives; by developing healthier Balance amongst the who and what of our lives; by purposefully Creating joy and a sense of accomplishment every day; and by Simplifying our approach to that area of our lives.  It sounds like a lot to cover but we’ve been doing an awful lot in our lives already…and at times we haven’t even asked the “why?”, let alone answered it.  Isn’t it time to start with 10 minutes each day to answer the “Why?” in practical and heart-warming ways?

I hope you’ll join me as I share from My T.U.L.E. kit; I trust that you will find some valuable items and approaches for your own T.U.L.E. kit.

In the meantime, I’ll be Tying Up Loose Ends and use the ABC’S to kick it through the goal-posts!

M <><