Start with Your “Why?”

I so much wanted to begin my posting yesterday but have run into some tech-difficulties that I hope will be resolved this week.  Please bear with me; I’ll still post but the blog-site isn’t exactly where I wanted it to be for January 1.

That being said, we can still start our journey together…

Often we start with “what” we do, and that can be helpful.  I’ve found it even more helpful, though (and more satisfying) to consider the “why” first.  It seems to take a little longer than just writing out a “to-do” list but the “why you do what you do” and “why you are who you are” is much more important and saves time and energy in the long run.

That’s because our “why” motivates our “what” and our “how.”  Without knowing “why” you are here, or “why” you are doing something, you might say “yes” to every request that comes your way.  You’ll accumulate things (and clutter) because you “might need it someday” because you’re not really sure what your purpose or focus is.

So, let’s consider our “why” like we’ve never considered it before; it’s high time we articulate our life’s “why.”

A “purpose statement” is a great tool for determining our “why.”  Our statement is going to begin with four lists.  So, set aside your 10 hopefully-uninterrupted minutes, and grab a notebook–doesn’t have to be fancy (yet)–or some index cards, and something to write with…a pen, pencil, crayon…  (I find for this exercise, digital isn’t the way to go–you need to feel the pen on the page as you make these four lists.)

Across the top of your page write the headings “Important People”, “Important Things”, and “Important Activities” in your life.  Then fill in those lists.  The order doesn’t matter right now; just fill them in with whatever comes to mind in those categories.

You may find there are several people, things, and activities that come to mind that aren’t as important but are still in your life.  Put those on a fourth list on a second page with the heading “Other”.

Work on your lists throughout the day, week, month; and add whoever and whatever comes to mind.  But for today, spend at least 10 minutes on these four lists.


Come on back tomorrow and we’ll take the next step in discovering our “why.”


They say that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”; completing this step commits you to take a more conscious approach to the remainder of your life’s journey of Tying Up Loose Ends and Kickin’ It Through!

Margo <><


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